The first ever official presentation of Why Not Teens (WNT) took place at Nicklaus Children's Hospital on May 21st, 2018. During the event, Nicklaus Children's Hospital officially delivered one of their Telemedicine support devices to Lucia Bruzzi, WNT’s founder and president, and MB America’s founders Marco Bruzzi and Monica Melotti for their next mission trip in Guatemala.

In front of Evelyn Terrell, Director of Global Health and Telehealth, her staff members and doctors videoconferencing from different locations, including Dr Andrea Maggioni, who first introduced her to telemedicine, Lucia presented WNT’s upcoming mission trip for a construction/medical project at Casa Guatemala, a children's village providing education, nutrition, and health care for the vulnerable children in Rio Dulce's remote and impoverished region.

In preparation for this mission trip, over the past few weeks, under the guidance of Evelyn Terrell, Lucia completed an observership and training on the use of Nicklaus Children’s mobile health devices. Through this alignment with the Nicklaus Children’s NCHS Anywhere ® Telehealth Program, Lucia will bring the Nicklaus Children’s pediatric specialists to Casa Guatemala utilizing remote examination devices that allow for capture of ear, throat, lung, skin, heart and temperature exam, and many more health services.