MB America’s CEO, Marco Bruzzi, and the company’s Chief Design Officer, the italian architect and interior designer Monica Melotti met Designer and Craftsman Luca Porcelli at the 93 Palm mansion back in 2016.

From this encounter they came up with the interior design idea to have "ART IN ART" where Luca Porcelli could express his art with an installation of unusual and unique objects in an unusual unique location – 93 Palm – objects that through their rareness could highlight the rareness of the house.

All pieces made by Luca Porcelli are completely handmade using precious material. His functional art reveals the evolution of his aesthetics pushing to a further level his pleasure in transforming home space into a sophisticated playground. Focusing on the quest for beauty and opulence through deliberately hazardous yet sublimely refined colour combinations, the use of the finest materials, and the most traditional crafting techniques, Luca Porcelli expresses his own amusement and amazement for the infinite ways of infusing art and uniqueness into something unexpected. 

Everything was designed to leave intact the "historical flavor" of this unique property. 

The collaboration is now featured in the latest edition of Décor Year Book, the interior design book the showcases the latest trends and international, cutting-edge interior design projects.

When business ingenuity meets creativity, great things happen.