The Consulate General of Italy in Miami “Premio Eccellenze Italiane in Florida 2016” to Emanuela Verlicchi Marazzi, modenese entrepreneur and philanthropist, originally from the Romagna region, founder of the Filippo Marazzi Foundation (FFM).

The annual recognition was presented by Gloria Marina Bellelli, Consul General of Italy in Miami and Luigi Bava, President of ODLI (Organization for the Diffusion of the Italian Language, National Manager which operates under the official auspices of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs). The awards ceremony was last October 29th at 93 Palm, the luxurious residence managed by MB America, Italian-American investment and real estate company, also responsible for the architectural renovation. “I'm glad with this awards ceremony, which marked the final event of the Il mese della Cultura italiana, Italo – Americana in Florida”, said the Consul General Gloria M. Bellelli. “I'm excited and honored to have received this award”, said Emanuela Verlicchi Marazzi. “This award was a pleasant surprise and infuses new ideas for the projects I'm developing with Marco Bruzzi and Monica Melotti, Vice Presidents of the Filippo Marazzi Foundation”.

The reasons of the award, given in the nameplate, “... with the support for the diffusion of Italian culture in the world honors our country and demonstrates the ability of the earth. With the hope ofgreat success and the recognition for the important results in the education field and the diffusion of the Italian language and culture, which continue to characterize the institutional activities of the Filippo Marazzi Foundation”.

Emanuela Verlicchi Marazzi founded the Foundation in memory of her late husband Filippo Marazzi, first in Italy in 2014 and then in the US in 2015. In particular, in Miami, in collaboration with ODLI, the FFM has established a scholarship for young Italian talented graduates in literary disciplines, to give them the opportunity to teach the language, art and culture Made in Italy to the students to the American colleges and universities, such as the Miami Country Day School and the Keiser University.